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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Altice Portugal owned by?

Altice Portugal. Since June 2, 2015, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altice Group, a multinational cable and telecommunications company with a presence in France, Israel, Belgium & Luxembourg, Portugal, French West Indies/Indian Ocean Area and Dominican Republic (“Overseas Territories”), Switzerland, and the United States.

What is altaltice Portugal?

Altice Portugal (formerly known as Portugal Telecom or PT) is the largest telecommunications service provider in Portugal.

Why did Oi sell its assets to Altice?

Its assets in Portugal were sold to Altice in 2015 per request of, Oi SA, to reduce debt. The African assets were mostly sold for the same reason. Portugal Telecom, SGPS SA was split in separate companies: PT Portugal (now Altice Portugal) and Pharol (formerly PT SGPS), which owns a 27,5% stake in Oi.

What is Altice International Innovation Award?

Altice International Innovation Award intends to promote and recognize the entrepreneurship and technological talent as well as to promote Altice as a brand that contributes to the development and competitiveness of the markets were it works.

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