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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fastfiber (Altice Portugal)?

Multiplay operator and media group Altice Europe has established Fastfiber (formerly known as Altice Portugal FTTH), which it says is the largest FTTH wholesaler in Portugal with some four million FTTH homes passed at year-end 2019. Fastfiber comprises of all operator MEO’s fibre assets in Portugal including FTTH and dark fibre.

How much did Altice sell in the tower sale?

The roughly $2.9 billion sale helps Altice’s efforts to reduce debt. Altice Europe NV agreed Wednesday to sell parts of its telecom-tower businesses in France and Portugal for around 2.5 billion euros ($2.89 billion) in a bid to pay down the company’s heavy debt load.

Will Altice sell its business in Dominican Republic?

In addition, Altice has indicated that it would be open to offers for its business in the Dominican Republic, but it is unclear when and if it will be sold, according to bankers. Altice bought the business for EUR1.1 billion from French telecoms rival Orange five years ago.

Is Altice owned by KKR?

The two deals confirm earlier reporting by The Wall Street Journal. Private equity giant KKR KKR -0.24% & Co. will take a 49.99% stake in Altice’s French cellphone-tower business, while a consortium including Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners and Horizon Equity Partners will buy 75% of Towers of Portugal, Altice said.

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