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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important lean KPIs to track?

One of the most important lean KPIs (if not the most important) to track is your average lead time to production. In a perfect world, this would mean the time it takes an idea to be converted to an actual product and deployed to production.

What do you like most about jjampong?

The sweet and sour pork was so juicy (though still crispy on the outside) and the sweet and sour pork sauce is so refreshing. Just a perfect combination, brilliant I must say. The Seafood Jjampong though just average, it got too much vegetable and the shrimps/half crab are not too fresh, but it is still better than most places.

What to do when a KPI looks bad?

If a KPI looks bad, act on it, don’t just wait to see if things got better by themselves. They won’t Do whatever you can do to affect the numbers positively, experiment and track how your changes affect the status quo. There are probably many more lean KPIs that you can or should track.

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