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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cylex local search UK?

Cylex Local Search UK. Cylex is an online business directory. Our aim is to connect companies and customers. Business owners can take advantage of our free basic entries, as well as our Premium Entry feature to promote their companies online and gain more customers. Users can check contact details and opening hours of companies.

What can Cylex do for You?

They can also read and write reviews about the products & services of businesses. Cylex was founded in 1998 and today we operate business directories in more than 35 countries. Our portfolio includes other products & services as well. Business owners can create a website with our site builder or order sites from our professional developers.

How many business directories does Cylex operate?

Having more than a decade of experience on the international market, Cylex operates over 35 online business directories, visited by more than 1 million unique daily users, reaching out to 5 continents and millions of customers worldwide.

Why choose Cylex signs?

Cylex Signs helped design and implement a sign program that captured those qualities and stands up to the natural elements that can ruin signs made from other materials. Barbara Manzo, Deputy Director of Parks for Lee County, stated “We made the change to Cylex Signs and have been extremely happy.

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