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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to rehome a dog?

Take your dog out to a groomer if you can, so it looks its best. If you can't afford a groomer, do your best at home to make the dog presentable by bathing and combing the dog. Work on behavioral issues. If possible, work on behavioral issues before trying to rehome your dog, including potty training.

What does it mean to rehome a dog?

rehome (third-person singular simple present rehomes, present participle rehoming, simple past and past participle rehomed) (transitive) To find a new home for (especially a pet). The cat recovered after treatment by a vet and has now been rehomed.

Should you rehome your dog?

First of all, be completely honest with any potential owners. If your dog has any health problems or behavioural quirks, then say so. It does nobody any good if the dog is rehomed then ‘bounces’ back because of unexpected problems. If the dog is not neutered or spayed, consider having this done before rehoming the dog.

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