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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of giving feedback?

18 ●The Power of Feedback Useful Feedback Is Supportive. Useful feedback is given in a spirit of supportiveness. The sole purpose of giving workplace feedback is to help associates, supervisors, and coworkers to improve the quality of their work in order to meet goals—it is always given with helpfulness in mind.

What does the name feedback mean?

Feedback is defined as a return of information about a result or the returned portion of a process. An example of feedback is a judge in a dance competition giving constructive criticism after a performance.

What are the characteristics of feedback?

Feedback is (generally) information about actions. In cybernetics and control theory, feedback is a process whereby some proportion or in general, function, of the output signal of a system is passed (fed back) to the input.

What is meant by feedback imporatant?

Whatever may be the mode or channel (i.e., verbal, non-verbal or written), feedback is very important. It is the key which unlocks the success of communication. The objective of communication is bound to remain unfulfilled unless the process of communication is complete with feedback. It is an inseparable part of successful communication.

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