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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a HDTV antenna?

Connect the antenna to the TV set. Most antennas will connect using a basic RF coaxial cable, the cable that connects to the round, threaded port on the TV set. If the antenna uses ribbon cables, you need an adapter that will secure the ribbon cable leads and then use an RF cable connection.

What are the best outdoor antennas for HDTV?

Final Review of the Best Outdoor TV Antenna. The ClearStream 2V Outdoor HDTV Antenna is also a good candidate for the best outdoor TV antenna. It has a dual-loop design, integrated diplexer, patented technology for receiving signals from 60 miles of distance, full HD 1080p signal format support, multi-element design,...

What is the definition of HDTV?

(High Definition TV) HDTV is the high-resolution part of the digital TV standards (see DTV). It represented the highest resolution prior to Ultra HD (see 4K TV). "HDTV" may refer to the format or to a TV set that supports it; however, "HD" refers only to the format.

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