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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meow Mix on recall?

Meow Mix Cat Food. ♥ There has been no Meow Mix recall. The Meow Mix brand lineup includes dry and wet cat food and treats. The brand line, introduced in 1974, was created as a Ralston Purina product, but the brand has changed hands many times since then.

Does your cat like Meow Mix?

Even though cats love Meow Mix, that does not mean you need to feed it to them often. As we already mentioned, cats love Meow Mix because of the high carb and fat content. In any cat diet, protein should be the star of the show, not carbohydrates or fat. Both can make your cat fat and lead to other health issues.

Is Meow Mix good cat food?

Meow Mix Cat Food is like junk food for cats as it tastes good but has little nutritional value. With inferior ingredients at the top of the list as well as the addition of artificial colors and controversial brewer’s yeast, we have no choice but to give this cat food a low rating.

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