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Frequently Asked Questions

Can rubber agroforestry drive sustainability in global supply chains?

Switching over from monocultures to more diverse systems of rubber agroforestry can drive sustainability in global rubber supply chains and help tackle climate change, finds a new report published by Mighty Earth today (see the summary here ).

Where does rubber come from?

Natural rubber – which is used in products from tires to condoms – is predominantly grown in the tropics in Asia. About 90% of natural rubber is produced by smallholder family households, largely in monoculture systems where rubber trees occupy all the available farmland.

Why is rubber bad for the environment?

However, monoculture rubber poses increasing environmental and climate problems, including widespread pollution and degradation of soils and water resources, rampant deforestation, habitat loss and ecosystem destruction, as well as risks to rubber tree health from disease, pests and drought, plus growing vulnerability to climate change.

What is amazingmighty Earth?

Mighty Earth is a global advocacy organization working to defend a living planet. Our goal is to protect half of Earth for Nature and secure a stable climate that allows life to flourish. We are obsessed with impact. Tell Cadbury’s and the others to stop using pesticides and other chemicals to grow their chocolate. Save Forests. Stop pandemics

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