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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Night Zookeeper for kids? brings together a compelling story, innovative digital technology, and effective curriculum-aligned educational content, to help your child boost their literacy skills. How does Night Zookeeper improve reading and writing?

How does Night Zookeeper compare to other Ela apps?

Overall, Night Zookeeper is around the same price as other ELA educational web apps, such as Hooked on Phonics or Homer reading.

Can You Save the Night Zoo from robotic voids?

Join Night Zookeeper Will, Riya and Sam the Spying Giraffe as they try and save magical animals in the Night Zoo from an army of robotic Voids. The Zoo Needs You!

How do you play as a zookeeper in Animal Crossing?

As the zookeeper, kids have access to their own zoo, which is really a large map that’s initially shrouded in fog. Every so often, or after a period of inactivity, the user’s animals will begin to light up.

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