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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is nightbot not working?

Why is Nightbot not working? So Nightbot isn’t responding in chat? Make sure Nightbot is joined to your chat in the control panel. If you recently changed your name on Twitch, you might try parting the bot and rejoining it too. Does Nightbot only work when live? If you’re using YouTube Gaming your stream has to live.

How to fix nightbot if not responding to commands?

You can check this at the control panel by pressing the Join button again. If it's in the channel, try !silence off, in case it was silenced (and as far as I know, !silence on is the only way to silence it, so it is unlikely to be accidental).

Is nightbot trustworthy?

They felt the need to separate this from viewing your email address, so it makes me worried that either of these is done with malicious intent to bypass laws put in place to stop these sorts of shady things from happening. Nightbot is reputable and has a Privacy Policy ... much like Twitch does.

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