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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Ovid and Conon's Narcissus?

As punishment by the gods, he falls tragically in love with his own reflection. However, three major differences exist between Ovid’s and Conon’s stories. First, Conon names the spurned lover who cursed Narcissus. It was Ameinias, a fragile young man who pursued the youthful boy only to be rejected repeatedly.

Why is there no pity for Narcissus in the Ovidian tale?

According to W. S. Anderson, the language used in the original Ovidian tale discouraged the audience from experiencing sympathy or pity for Narcissus. It was stressed that he deserved everything that happened to him because of the scornful way he treated those who loved him, especially Echo.

Where is the story of Narcissus found?

Narcissus in Pausanias 9.31.7-8 Pausanias summarized Ovid's story, but also had his own version: The spring of Narcissus is located on a mountain top at the river Lamus in a place called Donacon. At this place Narcissus looked in the water and fell in love with his reflection and died at the spring.

Did echo really love Narcissus?

There’s no mention of Echo loving Narcissus. And although the story of Echo and Narcissus strikes us as quintessential Greek myth, the introduction of Echo into the tale of Narcissus appears to have been the invention of a Roman poet, Ovid, in his Metamorphoses. Echo was an Oread or mountain nymph whom Zeus liked to visit for … carnal relations.

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