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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the lead singer of the band Sailor?

Sailor (band) Sailor are a British pop group, best known in the 1970s for their hit singles "A Glass of Champagne" and "Girls, Girls, Girls", written by the group's lead singer and 12-string guitar player, Georg Kajanus.

What instruments do sailor performances use?

The group's musical line-up incorporates such diverse instruments as mandolins, glockenspiels, accordion, military bass-drum, and the legendary Nickelodeon, an extraordinary instrument designed and built for the purpose of delivering Sailor's definitive sound. Their first album, released in 1974, included the hit "Traffic Jam".

How many songs are there in the Sailor Moon soundtrack?

The Chilean producers of this soundtrack took 9 songs from the first Sailor Moon USA soundtrack and made new arrangements with adapted lyrics and Spanish vocals. For Moonlight Densetsu and Heart Moving the producers took the Spanish lyrics adapted previously for the Mexian dub and created new arrangements.

What was the first Sailor album?

The first album, released in 1974, included the hit "Traffic Jam". The album achieved Gold status in Holland. But it was the second album "Trouble" that established SAILOR throughout the world. "A Glass Of Champagne" was top hit throughout the world in 1975, and was soon followed by "Girls Girls Girls" in 1976.

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