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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the music nib on a sailor 1911l?

The 21kt gold music nib is offered on most Sailor 1911L or Pro Gear Regular pens. The Music nib provides line variation by virtue of its delicately-crafted shape. The thicker downstroke lays a 1.0mm line width writes with a wetness ideal for inks that shade and sheen like Sailor Grenade.

What is a sailor zoom nib?

The Sailor Zoom nib is a nib that changes line width based on the angle at which it is held. When the pen is held at a low angle (closer to horizontal), the width can be quite broad (broader than a music nib).

Can you write music with a music nib?

Sailor's Music nib isn't the triple-tined "Music" nib that most pen enthusiasts equate with the term. Most writers don't even use a music nib to write music. Friends who write music tell me that a pencil is actually the preferred writing implement for composing music, not a fountain pen.

What nib sizes do sailor pens come in?

While many pen manufacturers offer a paltry 2 or 3 nib sizes for their fountain pens, Sailor has 5 standard round nib sizes - EF, F, M-F, M, and B. In addition, Sailor produces specialty nibs that provide the writer with special abilities that you won't find anywhere else.

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