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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Sailor 1911 Music nib and platinum?

It's like when you're pouring water quickly into a glass but you slow down when the glass is becoming full. The Sailor 1911 Music Nib comes in either 14K or 21K gold. The nib has a single slit as compared to two on the Platinum 3776 Music Nib fountain pen that was recently reviewed.

What makes sailor nibs so special?

In addition, Sailor produces specialty nibs that provide the writer with special abilities that you won't find anywhere else. In this post, we explore these exquisite nibs, show you how they work, and explain how they can best fit your writing needs.

What is a zoom nib on a Sailor Pen?

Sailor's Zoom Nib The Sailor Zoom nib varies in line thickness depending on the angle of the nib to paper. You can find this nib option on most Sailor 1911S or Pro Gear Slim pens in 14kt gold or on the Sailor 1911L or Pro Gear Regular in 21kt gold. At a 90 degree angle of the nib to the writing surface, the Zoom nib writes a drier 0.45mm line.

What is a 1911 Music nib used for?

Modern: Sailor's 1911 music nib is a single slit, double tine music nib in 14K gold. This nib offers the wide stub needed for filling in notes, with the ability to draw thinner, horizontal lines for the note bars.

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