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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the musical instruments used in Sailors Dance?

In addition to being the traditional sailors dance, it is a class of blown instruments made from animal horn. Most notable are the Basque Alboka and the Welsh Pibgorn. Both instruments are played with circular breathing which creates a continuous sound.

What kind of music did the sailors in the Odyssey sing?

But they were sailors, and so it stands to reason that they would have sung the traditional sea shanties of their profession as well as the folk songs and religious songs of their age.

What kind of music was played on pirate ships?

Music was a huge part of daily life aboard a pirate ship and a good musician or shantyman would have no problem finding a ship willing to take him on as crew. Typically the instruments involved with the music associated with the golden age of piracy would have been a mandolin, fiddle, pennywhistle or fife...

Why was music so important in the age of sail?

The reason music was so important was it helped the crew keep time during task like hauling lines, swabbing the deck, mending the sails or repairs to the mast or yardarm. It made the day go by faster and took your mind off the monotony of the work by giving you a song to sing.

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